Sponsor Info

Pickled Potpourri Designs is happy to sponsor your challenge blog!

We want to get the word out about our digital designs as well as inspire creativity in others. If you have a challenge blog and would like us to sponsor one of your challenges, please keep keep reading!

Some conditions apply for sponsorship:

Pickled Potpourri Designs must be the only sponsor for that particular challenge.

Your challenge blog must be open to everyone; we do not sponsor closed blogs/challenges.

Pickled Potpourri Designs reserves the right to decline sponsorship opportunities for any reason.

If you have a Design Team, we are happy to offer a selection of stamps for them to work with for our sponsored challenge, value up to $7 total. 
          => If you receive stamps, please be courteous and use them for the challenge Pickled Potpourri Designs is sponsoring.
          => Please provide a list of emails for design team members that will be working with my designs. Any images will be sent directly to them from Pickled Potpourri. (Pickled Potpourri images cannot reside on any server, blog or website - even if private.)
          => You and/or your team may choose the images your team uses: I believe that if you create with what you love, it will show. Or if you prefer, I can choose the images based on your theme for the challenge we sponsor. There is a $7 cap on the total amount of images for each individual challenge.

You agree to the Pickled Potpourri Designs Terms of Use and you ensure that your Design Team abides by them as well.

We offer a prize package of a $7 gift certificate to the Pickled Potpourri Designs store, good for any digital products. One winner per challenge.

We will sponsor the same challenge blog up to four times per year, once per quarter. Quarters are:

1) Jan, Feb, Mar
2) Apr, May, Jun
3) Jul, Aug, Sep
4) Oct, Nov, Dec

Note: If you have certain conditions for your challenge that may be different from the above information, please contact us (see below) and let us know what they are. We'll try to work with them if we can!

Our sponsorship banner and link to the Pickled Potpourri store must be present on the sponsored challenge post as well as the winner announcement post. Please do not hotlink to this banner, instead download it (right click, save image as) and upload to your blog.

Pickled Potpourri Challenge Sponsorship Banner

Also, please use the following code to permanently place our smaller banner in your challenge sidebar:


To request us to sponsor your challenge blog:

Send an email to sponsor AT pickledpotpourri DOT com with the following information -

Your name & email
Your challenge blog URL
Challenge Date
Challenge Theme
Will Pickled Potpourri Designs be the only sponsor for this challenge?
Is Pickled Potpourri Designs providing images for your design team?
If so, how many members of your team will receive our images to work with?
Please provide any additional information we may need to process your request.
Type the following into your email and add your name below it to confirm your agreement:

     I agree to the Pickled Potpourri Designs Terms of Use and also ensure that my design team abides by them.


Thank you - we look forward to sponsoring your challenge!