Download Instructions

Please read this entire page before downloading your purchased files; we want you to get your files with a minimum of fuss!

Important Note:
You have 72 hours from the time of purchase to download your files. After 72 hours, your files will no longer be available for download. Please download all of your files promptly!

Within this 72-hour period, the shopping cart allows you two attempts to successfully download your purchased files. After two attempts (even if the 72-hour period has not yet expired), your files will no longer be available for download.

Downloading your Files:
Once your order is completed and paid in full, you are able to download the files you purchased.

On the Pickled Potpourri Designs website, click on the "My Account" link above the main menu on any page. If you are not logged into your account, you'll get a prompt to do so. Under "My Orders", click on "Downloads".  On this page you'll find all of the digital files that you purchased, available for immediate download.

To the right of each file name, there is a small blue and white box. Do not click on this box until you are ready to download your file. When you want to download your digital file(s), click on the box for the file you want* and a dialog box will appear asking if you want to save the file, open it or cancel** it. Choose "SAVE".

*If you've purchased more than one file, be sure to download only ONE file at a time. This helps ensure a clean and uncorrupted file. Don't click on the next file until your browser gives you a popup message stating that the previous download has finished saving.

**When the dialog box appears, do NOT click on CANCEL! This will cancel the download, but the system interprets this as a completed download even though you didn't get your file.

Do not choose OPEN in the dialog box as this does not save the file to your computer. You must click the SAVE button in order to save your purchased files. Remember, Pickled Potpourri Designs does not store your purchased files for you; you must save them to your computer.

When you click on SAVE, another box appears giving you the opportunity to save the file on your computer. Choose where you want to download the file and click on SAVE. Again - do NOT click on CANCEL!

Note: Once the dialog box appears during the save process in your browser, the shopping cart counts that as a completed download, whether you successfully downloaded the file or not.

For Microsoft Internet Exporer users: Depending on your security settings in your browser, you may get a warning when you attempt to download your Pickled Potpourri files, stating that the files may not be safe. Microsoft warns on all .ZIP files, regardless of what is actually in the zipped file. My .ZIP files contain only the image files (.jpg and .png) you ordered, and a PDF file (Terms of Use). While I wouldn't open a .ZIP file I received in an email without knowing what it is (computer viruses and malware are spread this way), please be assured that your Pickled Potpourri files are quite safe.

Many crafters find it helpful to create a directory or file folder named "Digital Stamps" (or something similar) on their computer and save their downloaded digital files there, so that they can find them easily.

After you've downloaded all the files for your order, unzip and check your files immediately. If there is a problem with any of your files, contact us within three (3) business days and provide your order number, the item/model number and name of the file, and exactly what problem you're having. You may be asked to send us the file(s) you downloaded so that we may diagnose the issue.

About our Files:
Digital images/stamps - For each item purchased you receive a ZIP file containing both a .jpg and .png for each individual image in the set, along with our Terms of Use. Each file is 300ppi resolution for a sharp printed image. The .png file is transparent so that you may layer images to achieve the effect you want. There are no watermarks/logos on purchased files.

Digital papers - For each item purchased you receive a ZIP file containing either .jpg or .pdf files, along with our Terms of Use. The type of file included (.jpg or .pdf) is specified on the product's page in the shopping cart. There are no watermarks/logos on purchased files.

In order to open PDF files, you'll need the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't already have it on your computer, you can get it free at their website.

A ZIP file contains one or multiple files that have been compressed into a single file called an archive. An archive needs to be opened with compression software before the files inside can be accessed.

If you are using Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, or later your computer should already be cable of extracting the contents of ZIP files. If you're using an earlier version of Microsoft Windows and don't have compression software already, I suggest downloading and using 7Zip. It's free and easy to use.

Mac's and Linux systems usually come with compression software already installed.

See this page on WikiHow for a step-by-step explanation of how to uncompress your ZIP files.

I recommend keeping your zip files as well as with the individual image & paper files. To better protect your investment, I also recommend storing the zip files on a removable storage device and keep it in a safe place, or an online storage repository, or both. That way, if something happens to the individual files, you still have the zip file which you can uncompress again to retrieve the original image & paper files.

Printing our Files:
For best results on color printers: When printing image files, use the black ink cartridge only. Settings may vary between printers, but look for "mono" or "black and white" or something similar on your printer settings. While the image files are in black and white, most color printers use all of the colors in order to get a "black" and if one of the colors in the cartridge is low or blocked, your printed images may come out some color other than pure black. Forcing the printer to print with the black cartridge only will avoid this problem.

All of our files are high-resolution, 300ppi files. Please remember that when you view them in your browser, the quality is reduced by the browser. Browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) are made to render images from the internet and that is at a much lower-resolution (72ppi or so). Because of this, you do not want to print your digital images from a browser as the images will be grainy and lower in quality.

For color files, such as our digital papers, please keep in mind that your monitor may render color differently than the actual color of the paper. Also, every printer is different and each has it's own color management settings. The color of your end product will depend on the type of printer you have, the ink and ink levels in your printer, as well as the type of paper you print on.

I recommend using Photoshop (CS or PSE) or similar editing software to open and print your files in. If you don't have editing software, you can also open your files in Microsoft Word (use the "insert" function), which will keep the resolution of the files. MS Word also allows you to increase and decrease the size of the image.

Another option:  Ten Totally Free Photoshop Alternatives

Disclaimer: I have no association with the linked websites nor the products themselves and can make no claims as to the quality of the products or how they'll work on your computer system. Use at your own risk.

Using our Files:
Once your digital files are printed, you're ready to make art! Whether it's cards, tags, ATC's, scrapbooks, journals or any other project, our digital images and paper offers you high-quality designs that last a lifetime.

Please remember that by buying and/or receiving and/or using Pickled Potpourri Designs digital paper and designs/sentiments (whether paid for or free), you agree to our Terms of Use.